Spring 2009 Donations

2/10/09 → This week the Cougars were fortunate enough to receive two large donations that are worth mentioning. First, long time benefactor Mr. Lea, contributed heavily to the team, helping to replace long term equipment needed to keep us competitive in the future. Second, new backs coach Clint the Lego-Man, has contributed both monetarily and is in the process of helping to improve the horrible conditions of the Cougars pitch at the Yard on James Island. It is more of a sand box right now. Clint is a great new addition to the team as our weakest point has been our back play over the past six months. We hope to see this kind of support continue as we host a fundraiser next Tuesday at O’Malleys. Contact us for more information. Thanks again to Mr. Lea, Clint, and all of the Cougar supporters out there.

Spring 2009