Fall Red and Black Game

The 1st scrimmage of the year for the young 2010 Cougars went better than anyone could have expected. Two equally talented teams were created out of over 30 players. The overall effort and enthusiasm overwhelmed the few learning curve mistakes made by the new rugby players. After 3 hard fought periods, there were a few notable highlights and low-lights, but in the end, it was clear that the sky is the limit for the College of Charleston RFC. Highlights: Rookies “Hot Schlautz” and Ryan Koons made several ankle breaking moves on the way to tries and also laid the wood throughout the contest, while veteran Frank TJ Mackie had an overall outstanding game. Low-lights: There are times when high-energy players tend to take it too far, this was one of them. In an effort to tally as many tackles as possible, Jeremy “Penguin” Tindal added to his total in the most unconventional way… By tackling his own scrum-half. That scrum-half, however, had an unfortunate play of his own. “Pantheon” Andy was planning on restarting play after a dead ball, but instead of lightly tapping the ball on his foot and then giving it to one of his forwards, he dropped the ball forward…

Men of the Match: “Hot Schlautz”, Koons, and Frank

Dicks of the Day: “Penguin” and “Pantheon”

Special thanks to Sam Cook for reffing a fair game.

Fall 2010