Spring 2009 Donations

2/10/09 → This week the Cougars were fortunate enough to receive two large donations that are worth mentioning. First, long time benefactor Mr. Lea, contributed heavily to the team, helping to replace long term equipment needed to keep us competitive in the future. Second, new backs coach Clint the Lego-Man, has contributed both monetarily and is in the process of helping to improve the horrible conditions of the Cougars pitch at the Yard on James Island. It is more of a sand box right now. Clint is a great new addition to the team as our weakest point has been our back play over the past six months. We hope to see this kind of support continue as we host a fundraiser next Tuesday at O’Malleys. Contact us for more information. Thanks again to Mr. Lea, Clint, and all of the Cougar supporters out there.

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1st Annual SoCon Tournament

1/25/09 → The Cougars traveled down to Georgia Southern this weekend to participate in the 1st annual Southern Conference tournament. A step in the direction of NCAA birth. Eight teams attended, C of C A and B, Ga Southern A and B, Appalachian State University, Davidson, Furman, and the Citadel. This is the first tournament The Cougars have entered two teams. Although the baby Cougars played well they finished Saturday 0-3 against Ga Southern A, Appalachian State, and Furman. The Cougars A side went 3-0 on Saturday scoring 101 points to 7. The first match, under much confusion put the Cougars on the field with less than a minute to spare before kickoff. In glorious traditional style of our squad, we did not stretch or warm up and still managed to triumph over Ga Southern’s B-side 27-7, the only points scored against us during the day. Next we challenged Davidson and came away with another victory 34-0. Finally the Cougars took on Matrix rivals Citadel. The match was smooth with the Cougars winning 40-0. Two shutouts on the day and once again amazing kicking from Greg Hayes brought the Cougars into the playoffs for Sunday.
On Sunday the Cougars first matched up against Ga Southern’s A team. The match was even throughout and at the end of regulation was 10-10. After a long push and a penalty in triple overtime, Greg H. kicked it through the stumps to clinch the win 13-10. Next the Cougars took on Appalachian State University in the SoCon Championship. The Cougars went up early 3-0 scoring on a quick penalty, but the Mountaineers were relentless. Going back and forth scoring tries App state finally held the Cougars off 15-10. The Cougars came in second at the tournament winning their first trophy since 2003. The team is warmed up and ready for the Matrix to start against new additions USC-C Side.

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