August 2012 Alumni Newsletter

Greetings Alumni!

Here is our attempt at the second edition of our new Alumni Newsletter. We are excited to announce that this fall will be the club’s ten year anniversary! We are hoping to have a healthy turnout at the Alumni Weekend Festivities which will be held on the weekend of November 9th-12th. In this issue you will hear about Steve “Animal” Leamon, the new club website, donation drive and updates from alumni around the country.

Steve “Animal” Leamon- We have found Steve!!!

After years of searching, we have finally heard from Steve. For those of you that do not know Steve, which is many of you guys, Steve was and is still the most beastly player to come through C of C Rugby…This is a man that got shot outside of his dorm room, took the guys gun and held him down for the police to arrive. Enough said. Steve is now married to his lovely wife, Min, and they live in Summerville. They have a 3 year old son named Dylan. Steve is the Operations Manager for FedEx Ground. Steve said that he is looking forward to the alumni game.New Website- Please visit the new C of C Rugby Website and check out all the new stuff. There is a tab for alumni where you can view previous newsletters, see old team photos and learn more about Alumni Weekend. You can also follow the current team’s schedule and here about their matches and real time stats. We encourage you to monitor the website frequently for updates and we look for your support if the team is playing near you.
September 9th-

This coming September 9th ALL Alumni that are available are asked to participate in a meet and greet with the new team. The purpose of this is to get to know the new guys, see some old faces and get the team pumped up for the coming year. More to come on the location and time of this event…most likely will be downtown at a local watering hole.

Donation Drive and Dues-

Alumni Dues and Donations- Click Here or visit the C of C Rugby Website and scroll down and click the button on the bottom left to make donations. Keep in mind that we are now an official 503(c) so all donations are tax deductible. As with the past, the club and Alumni Association run on dues, donations and parents! As we enter into the 10th season of the team, we are trying to become more professional and take the team and alumni association to the next level. We are asking that all alumni donate $50 annually to help support the team and alumni events. Our goal before 2013 is to raise $5,000 for the alumni association. If most of us help out and contribute then we can easily meet this goal. As an idea, if 80 guys donate $50 each then that would total $4,000 and we ave well over 80 alumni just to let you all know! This money is not going to be wasted on team socials or anything similar. All money will be “ear marked” for specific needs i.e. Scholarship Fund, Piece of Equipment, Alumni Weekend. This money is really more for the Alumni and not the current team, however, as I mentioned, we would like to start a scholarship fund that will be given to a current team rugger that meets certain qualifications and will be given by the alumni association. This money will be controlled
monitored by the Alumni Board.

10 Year Anniversary T-Shirts-

We are in the process of creating a 10 year Anniversary Tshirt. They will be for sale Alumni Weekend and any leftovers can be purchased through the alumni board. Shirts will be priced around $20 a piece and all proceeds will be put into our alumni fund bank account. Please let us know if you will definitely be buying a shirt (whether you can make alumni weekend or not) so we know how many we need to order. Please provide a shirt size as well. They make great birthday and Christmas gifts as well!


Please take a look at the attached PDF for an update of some of our fellow alumni. This update was provided by the people that responded to the email a few weeks ago. If
you would like to be included on the next update, please email Andrew Muller at

C of C Men’s Rugby Schedule- Fall 2012
9/22-23 – @ Wilmington, NC 7’s
9/29 – Coastal (home)
10/6 – Savannah Shamrocks (home)
10/27 – @ Rucktoberfest Boone, NC
11/3 – @ ECU (tentative)
11/10 – Alumni Weekend (home)
12/? – @ Toys for Tots Tournament
We look forward to seeing everyone alumni weekend. If you have any request or recommendations for alumni weekend, please email the alumni board. All emails can be found on the C of C Rugby website.


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