December 2012 Alumni Newsletter

Alumni,First off we want to thank everyone who has been a part of C of C Men’s Rugby both past and present.  We would not have made it to 10 years without the help of each and every one of you.  As we head into 2013 we ask that you stay involved and help support our growing alumni base in any way you can.  Obviously the best way is through donations.  It can be as simply as $5…it all helps.  Please visit the website and donate today!  We know you all have money right now because Christmas just passed.  Please click the link to the left to visit the site and donate today.  Have a safe new years and best of luck in 2013.On to Alumni Weekend…

And so it began. With a healthy showing of over thirty alumni readying for kickoff, the captains for the alumni and the college engaged in the annual battle; are we playing four, 15 minute, quarters or regular halves? With Ian “Sean White” Mueller in no mindset for losing, he tried to dismiss the Alumni’s kind offer of playing quarters and became irate when Logan “holy shit he’s still alive” Honeycutt chimed in that he was good with eighths, and disgruntled he settled for two, thirty minute, halves. But that was a choice that he would come to regret.

The alumni had been descending on Charleston for a few days; Jeff “I’m too short to come to the gangbang” Siedel was so excited he turned up on Wednesday. By Friday night the alumni were getting up to full strength, announcing to the town that they were back with the finesse that only the rugby team can achieve through taking over bars decked out in social jerseys.

While tucking the children into bed, Sean White read a fairytale to his young team:

The alumni are out getting hammered as I post this, I hope you are not. Some good news, there are missing several of their best players and we stand a real chance of beating them tomorrow. I just listened to them threaten me with death on the field for the last two and a half hours so lets go out there and SHOCK THE ******* WORLD TOMORROW!

With a brief reminder from Uncle Andy “Wandy” Evans that “you were threatened with rape, not death”, the thoughts of the alumni returned to the important issues at hand: finishing the keg.

Festivities continued and some pressing matters were concluded; with this being the tenth anniversary of the club, we took the steps to cement our first ten years through ratifying the Constitution of the club (available on the website). Elections followed as did the inaugural induction to the Hall of Fame with Brad “Box” Burns and Iljia Velkovic becoming the first two names emblazoned on the plaque.  Much merriment continued on into the night and then, with the dawning of the rugby day, we took to the field to teach the children a lesson.

Convinced that they were in a better position, having secured halves over eighths, the College proceeded to lose the toss, which would become the first of many losses that day. The alumni kicked off and after a tepid start, the fortitude of the alumni soon kicked in. Jon “Head” Hansen made some powerful drives, breaking tackles and advancing the team up the field. Strong rucking from the forwards, who included Steve “The Animal” Leamon, Greg “IDF” Fronda, and Joey “I’ve been sharpening my elbows” Ingham led to some early scores, and within no time the alumni had built up a solid 17-0 lead. Kicks from Grandpa “Pip’s forgotten his real name” Grandpa and tries from Austin “Are there Jell-O shots?” CoonGeorge “George Play’s wing now?” Woolstan and Lawson “Judge” Ballard quickly racked up the score and by half it was turning into a rout.

The second half picked up where the first left off. Quick scores by a host of players, including Wade “Easter” Berreth, Paul “I’m half the man I was” Fowler, and Rupert “Pip” Munro finalized the result. With the sound of Logan wailing about his femur and beer-cans cracking, the alumni rounded the game off with a convincing 46-0 win.

On to the social…

As socials go, we usually do a damn good job. This year we outdid ourselves – over 100 ruggers crammed into the back porch of Boone’s celebrating a day of team-building, ass-whooping, and ready to have a good time. With songs being sung, golf balls placed in the cups of the unsuspecting (and unwilling) and a good night had by all, it was an overwhelming success to a great alumni weekend. The bar even said we may be able to come back next year.

While the score may show a very one-sided game, the effort and potential shown by the college was very encouraging. No-one can say that this isn’t a rebuilding year, but the effort and raw talent shown by the team is a great sight. In the coming year they will be able to learn more about the game, and develop their abilities to the level that they show through effort. There’s a lot of potential in this club, and at the first major milestone of the club, it’s great to see that the team will carry on the great traditions of before.

The alumni association will be doing its part to try to develop this and we hope that all alumni will continue to be actively involved in the team. Thanks to everyone who helped make this weekend possible, from the organizers on the alumni and college teams, to everyone who paid dues. Two people deserve a special thank you for taking a leadership role in the financial development of the team; Sam Cook and Philip “Flip” Levi, both went above and beyond with significant donations – thank you to them! We’ve got a bright future ahead for the club – the first ten years were a great success – here’s to the next ten!

See you next year,


Officer election results:


President:                    Sam Cook

Vice-President:           Andy Evans

Fundraising Chair:       Rupert Munro

Treasurer:                   Todd Burnaford

Marketing Chair:         Andrew Muller

Club Coordinator:        Austin Coon

Social Chair:               Lawson Ballard


Hall of Fame Inductions:


Brad Burns- 2003

Ilija Velkovic- 2007

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