Fall 2010 Rookie Clinic

The 2010 Rookie Cougars all met at Coach Clint’s house on a beautiful Saturday. With the help of Coach Sam, Assistant Coach Rob, Team Vets O’Bannon, Lee, and Pip, and Captains Joey and Coon, the CofC RFC put on its first ever “Rookie Clinic”. At this event, the leaders dissected a few professional rugby matches for the young cougars, in order to teach the flow of the game, along with calling attention to the fundamental game plan that the team will use going forward. The basics of rucks and ball placement were highlighted in a short tutorial, followed by a short jog down to the beach (while singing a new, interesting song led by Coach Clint). On the beach, the Cougars played touch rugby until the sun went down. At sunset, the cougars walked back to Coach Clint’s house to enjoy a cornucopia of delicious barbecue chicken, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, and corn on the cob. Hopefully, the lessons learned during this clinic will pay dividends as the team moves forward.

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